National Green Garage Challenge

Oil Saved: 394.50 barrels

Forest Saved: 16.76 acres

Gas Saved: 1511.30 gal

Landfill Saved: 8.30 yd3

GHG Reduced: 83.27 tonnes CO2e


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My Green Garage Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

My Green Garage “MG2” is the first of its kind. . . . totally interactive tracking, analysis and reporting service. MG2 combines the power of the Internet with remote monitoring to enable automotive shops to take command of their Green, Clean and Lean performance using a smartphone or a desktop browser. You can immediately run powerful reports and receive current information that will help you manage energy performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

MG2 is a state-of-the-art sustainability service which saves you time, money and technical resources by reporting performance data from a powerful and secure cloud computer accessible only via the Internet. Except for standard Internet capability, no software is required to be installed on your computer. You will never have to install upgrades or patches or implement data conversions when using My Green Garage!

My Green Garage

NOTE:View remote shop sustainability metrics via the internet on a continuous basis. To activate My Green Garage service, please call for more information: 1.888.374.PIRK(7475)